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Safety and Modern Fuels
As fuels have become more environmentally friendly, extra additives have been added in. Many of these extra chemicals speed up the deterioration of hoses and gaskets. Double check all rubber hoses and connections for wear, drying, and cracking. Quickly replace parts of the fuel system which are showing any signs of wear and tear.

Topics On Fuel Systems    
  • Fuel Filters
  • Fuel Gauges
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel/Oil Mixture
  • All Other Topics

    Fuel Filters     Back To Top
    1956 10 hp johnson fuel filter bowl?
    1956 Johnson 3hp fuel filter
    1978 Johnson 150H.P. fuel pumps-filters
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Filter?
    Fuel Filters.....
    Fuel filter/water separator, ???
    Help buying a fuel filter/water separator
    In Line Fuel Filter
    In Line Fuel Filter - Outboard
    Inline Glass Fuel Filter
    Inline fuel filter
    Inline fuel filter placement
    Johnson 48 Special Fuel Filter
    Johnson 70 Hp outboard(Could this be a fuel filter issue?)
    Leaking Fuel Filter on Johnson 85 HP
    Mercruiser Water-separating Fuel filter question
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    Fuel Gauges     Back To Top
    Fuel Gauge And Sender Problem
    Fuel Gauge And Sender Problem
    Fuel Gauge Problem
    Fuel gauge wiring help
    Need help wiring fuel gauge
    Related Topics On Fuel Gauges


    Fuel Leaks     Back To Top
    18hp evinrude fuel leak
    1971 mercury 1150 leaking fuel at bottom carb.
    90 HP Johnson Fuel leak
    96 evinrude 175hp fuel leak
    Carb. leaking fuel from jet when primed. Help!! Carb. specialist needed!!!
    Fuel Leak From Front of carburetor
    Fuel Leak in 125 Mariner Cowling
    Fuel leak at prop area
    Fuel leak in 84-80hp Merc inline 4
    Fuel leak when i shut down motor
    Fuel leaking out of carbs?
    Fuel leaking out of top of carb
    Leaking Fuel Filter on Johnson 85 HP
    Leaking fuel tank
    Mercury 3.9 leaking fuel
    Weird Fuel leaks....
    Yamaha 1995 Fuel Air Leak HELP
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    Fuel Pumps     Back To Top
    1973 Merc. inline 6 fuel pump
    1977 Johnson 35hp- Fuel pump??
    1978 Johnson 150H.P. fuel pumps-filters
    1985 70 hp Evinrude Fuel Pump Replacement
    1990 Evinrude 9.9 fuel pump rebuild info
    70 HP Johnson Fuel Pump
    76 evinrude70hp fuel pump instal no manual
    76 evinrude70hp fuel pump instal.no manual
    82' Evinrude 70 hp Fuel pump
    85 120hp Evinrude Fuel Pump
    89' merc 175 fuel pump?
    Adding a fuel pump
    Air around fuel pump
    Can anyone e-mail me a Fuel Pump Diagram...
    Changing fuel pump
    Does anyone know where I can get a Fuel Pump?
    Electric fuel pump??
    Evinrude 8hp fuel pump
    Evinrude 8hp fuel pump diagram
    Evinrude Fuel Pump
    Evinrude VRO/Fuel Pump
    FUEL PUMP power Disconnected! But engine runs! Help!
    Force 125 fuel pump
    Force fuel pump
    Fuel Pump
    Fuel Pump Pressure ?'s
    Fuel Pump Problems????? 1987 125hp Force
    Fuel Pump Question??.....Maybe
    Fuel Pump substitution
    Fuel in the water pump? 1975 85 hp Johnson V4
    Fuel pump
    Fuel pump
    Fuel pump ?
    Fuel pump diaphram
    Fuel pump failure after vro disconnect????????
    Fuel pump problem?
    Fuel pump replacement?
    Fuel pump, 4HP Johnson Outboard Motor
    Fuel/VRO Pump Problems
    Gas lines to fuel pumps
    Help - fuel pump
    Honda 9.9 Fuel pump or carb problem
    How do you test a fuel pump?
    Is this the fuel pump?
    Johnson 115 Fuel Pump Not Discharging
    Johnson 115 fuel pump problems?
    Johnson 115 fuel pump question
    Johnson 125 - at it again - Fuel Pump?
    Late 50's 5 hp evinrude (no fuel pump)
    Looking for Fuel Pump rebuild kit
    Mercury outboard serial number/ fuel pump HELP!!!
    Need Johnson fuel pump exploded view
    Need part number of fuel pump to replace VRO for Evinrude 140 V4 1990
    New VRO/fuel pump, oil reservoir 3/4 full, still have VRO alarm every 40 seconds.
    New bulb or fuel pump?
    Primer bulb or fuel pump?
    Someone tell me if I have a fuel pump
    Stalls -Fuel pump?
    VRO fuel/oil pump
    Weak fuel pump?????
    What Fuel Pump Do I Need?
    Where to buy merc fuel pump valves and carb jets
    Why is Mercruiser fuel pump so expensive? Can I use a universal automotive pump?
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    Fuel Tanks     Back To Top
    24 gallon fuel tank - need assistance with wiring
    2questions:tachometer/fuel tank
    58 johnson 18hp pressurized fuel tank
    Aluminum or plastic fuel tank?
    Changing fuel lines and tanks
    Claening fuel tank
    Evinrude fuel tanks
    Evinrude pressurized fuel tank
    Fuel Tank Distance
    Fuel Tank Problems
    Fuel splashing from tank vent on stern
    Fuel tank
    Fuel tank 1954 5.5hp Johnson
    Fuel tank life?
    Fuel tank size ????
    Fuel tank venting
    Fuel tank...what sort?
    Full fuel tank
    How to clean old fuel tank ?
    Integral fuel tank - or not?
    Is there a part that keeps the fuel from going back into the tank?
    Leaking fuel tank
    Making your own fuel tank. What are the legal rules?
    Permant fuel tank filler hose with 90 degree bend?
    Pressure fuel tank for relic '55 seahorse
    Pressurized fuel tank??
    Replacement fuel tank...
    Switching Fuel Tank Brands?
    Useful life of fuel tanks???
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    Cleaning Tanks


    Fuel/Oil Mixture     Back To Top
    '99 6hp Johnson oil/fuel in exhaust
    1956 evinrude 7.5... fuel-oil mixture?
    1960 Seaking Fuel Mix?
    1965 Johnson 9.5hp fuel/oil ratio ??
    1975 6 hp Johnson Fuel Mixture?
    1987 Johnson 9.9 fuel mix
    1997 Johnson 175 Installation Oil/Fuel Mix?
    70s 20 hp johnson seahorse fuel/oil mixture ratio
    78 Merc 140/1400 Fuel Mix 50:1 ?
    85 hp force outboard fuel/oil mix what is
    9.2 hp Chrysler fuel/oil ratio
    92 johnson 6 hp mod. j6rer (fuel mixture)
    Adding oil to fuel as safety measure
    Advice on oil/fuel mix
    Cant figure out what year 15hp evinrude+fuel mixture
    Evie 4.5hp.....what year and what fuel mix?
    Evinrude Fuel Mixture
    Evinrude fuel mixture
    Fuel & Oil Line Replacement
    Fuel / Oil Mixture
    Fuel Mix
    Fuel Mixture ratio
    Fuel Mixture??
    Fuel mix
    Fuel mix
    Fuel mix for 1972 Johnson 6 HP?
    Fuel mix for British Seagull?
    Fuel mix ratio ?
    Fuel mix/ 1970 evinrude 4 hp
    Fuel mixture
    Fuel mixture - Johnson 60hp?
    Fuel mixture 1963 evinrude
    Fuel mixture for old Johnson
    Fuel oil
    Fuel oil mixture on a 6 HP Ward outboard
    Fuel-Oil Ratio for Suzuki 200hp V6
    Fuel/Oil Mixture Ratio
    Fuel/Oil mix for 1993 20hp Mercury
    Fuel/Oil mix for a '73 20hp Mercury
    Fuel/Oil mixture 1978 25hp Johnson
    Fuel/oil mix messed up. what to do?
    Fuel/oil mix on a 1957 Johnson 5.5 Hp. motor
    Fuel/oil mixture
    Fuel/oil problem? OR something bigger?
    Fuel/oil ratio '85 mercury
    Fuel:Oil Ratio
    Fuel=oil mixture?
    Gale 40 hp fuel/oil
    Johnson 15hp Age and fuel/oil ratio
    Johnson 25 hp 1975(?) fuel/oil mix
    Johnson Fuel/Oil Mixture
    Lower unit oil and oil/fuel mixture
    Mixing fuel/oil
    Need Fuel Mixture Help
    Need year and required fuel mixture
    New VRO/fuel pump, oil reservoir 3/4 full, still have VRO alarm every 40 seconds.
    OIL/FUEL RATIO : 1958 10hp johnson seahorse
    Oil to fuel mixture
    Oil to fuel ratio on a 1975 70hp Johnson
    Oil/fuel ratio on '56 30 hp Johnson
    Oil/fuelmixture? merc 300M
    Ratio oil/fuel
    TD-20 5hp fuel mix
    Trying to find what horsepower and fuel mixture for old evinrude
    VRO fuel/oil pump
    What is the proper fuel/oil mixture
    Yamaha 115 1990 oil/fuel injection!
    Year & fuel mix
    Year and Fuel mixture
    Year and fuel mix
    Year of my 9.8hp merc & fuel/oil mixture ??
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    Oil/Gas Mixture Chart
    Oil Products for Sale
    Lubricant Products for Sale
    Boat Motors Information
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    Oil Mixture


    All Other Topics     Back To Top
    '70 merc 650 fuel flow prob?
    '77 Johnson 35 hp fuel problem
    '78 Merc 50, spark & fuel but won't even cough
    '79 115 Evinrude - fuel on engine
    '79 115 Evirude, fuel blowing from air silencer
    '79 Evinrude 100horse fuel consumption
    115 Johnson yr. 76 With fuel problems please help
    115 hp yamaha not getting fuel?
    150 Evinrude 1988 - Fuel Problem? -Help!
    1959 10 hp Fuel Fittings
    1975 85 HP Jphnson V4 - Fuel Problem
    1977 Mercury 175 fuel and motor problem
    1979 35 h.p. johnson electric start fuel problem
    1981 9.9 Evinrude fuel
    1984 Mercury Fuel Problem
    1986 60 hp Evinrude Fuel Pressure Problems
    1987 Force 85 HP Fuel Pressure
    1992 70 hp Evinrude fuel consumption
    1994 Yamaha 115 Jet Drive: What octane fuel to run?
    1995 4 Stroke 50hp Mercury Fuel Problem
    1995 Suzuki 15 h.p. acts like it's out of fuel at full throttle
    1996 Force 75HP fuel and lube
    1999 Mercury 90HP Fuel System Puzzler
    2 line fuel system conversion
    2000 Merc 125 Fuel starvation issue
    25 hp Merc fuel problem
    4 stroke fuel injection vs carberation
    40 HP Merc Fuel Problem
    40 HP Merc empties fuel line and bulb at all speeds and kills.Starts again on reprime
    5.5hp Fuel ratio
    55 johnson fuel conversion
    65hp evinrude fuel&spark runs but won't take load
    71 Merc 20 hp Fuel Intake Problem
    78 Johnson 15 HP Fuel Problem
    78 Johnson 150, Fuel problems?
    79 115 Evinrude fuel blow-back
    80hp Merc Fuel System Problems..I think
    87 OR 89 OCTANE 2001 MERC 115(FUEL CLEANER?
    88 Mercury fuel problem
    90 Johnson 200 fuel problems, I think!
    90 hp Evinrude -- Fuel Problems??
    93 Mercury SportJet 90 Fuel Consumption
    96 johnson 200 - starving for fuel
    99 Merc 200 EFI, fuel bulb loses prime???
    Another fuel question
    Another question 75hp Yamaha (fuel)
    Automotive Fuel System Cleaner in a Johnson outboard
    Can't find two line fuel hose for '57 Johnson
    Converting from Duel Fuel Lines to Single on '56 Evin. Outboard
    Cork gaskets on fuel bowl?
    Could I have air in my fuel line?
    Cutting out - Eletrical or fuel problem??
    Electric vs fuel in saltwater
    Electrical/Fuel Problem Evinrude
    Evenrude fuel starvation
    Evinrude/year/hp/fuel ratio
    Excessive fuel consumption 1984 Evin. 150?????
    Followup On not getting fuel to carb, suggestions?
    Force 85hp, water in fuel HELP!!!
    Fresh Fuel
    Fuel Consumption
    Fuel Consumption
    Fuel Economy on a 150 evinrude - just an estimation?
    Fuel Injector/ Carb Cleaner
    Fuel Issue?
    Fuel Line on a 60hp Johnson
    Fuel Lines
    Fuel Not Getting to Carb
    Fuel Octane recommendation
    Fuel Problem
    Fuel Problems or Spark Problems
    Fuel Quantity Indication?
    Fuel Ratio?
    Fuel Sending Unit
    Fuel Starvation
    Fuel System Question
    Fuel Type
    Fuel Vent
    Fuel Vent
    Fuel Vent ?
    Fuel additive for Yamaha ProV150?
    Fuel additives, JB, 12foot
    Fuel consumption?
    Fuel delivery problem
    Fuel delivery questions
    Fuel flow
    Fuel flow instruments....any good??
    Fuel flushes out carb
    Fuel guage wiring
    Fuel hoses
    Fuel injected 2 strokes?
    Fuel line size
    Fuel line test
    Fuel line vacuum test
    Fuel line??
    Fuel linkage...
    Fuel loss
    Fuel primer bulb?
    Fuel problem on 100 johnson seahorse
    Fuel problem with 81 chrysler 115
    Fuel problems
    Fuel problems evinrude
    Fuel range????Help.
    Fuel ratio for a 8hp evinrude outboard
    Fuel spitting out of exhaust
    Fuel stabilizer
    Fuel stabilizers
    Fuel starvation
    Fuel starvation merc '72 1150
    Fuel starvation prblms
    Fuel starving
    Fuel sys vacume, max allowed?
    Fuel system & RPM questions for'85 175 Johnson
    Fuel system pressure test, old Johnson.
    Fuel-Flow Meters
    Fuel/air control/adjustment
    Fuel/water separator
    Generic (Rule of Thumb) Fuel Consumption
    Got kicker! Now need bracket and fuel advice...
    Gots no fuel
    Ground wire at fuel filler neck???
    HELP!! I need to know how much fuel a Force 50 OB will use for trip??
    How to improve fuel milege?
    I need to know what kind of fuel line and primer I need.
    I/O versis outboard & inboard fuel efficiency
    Is my fuel mileage good?
    Jellied Fuel
    Johnson 100hp fuel problems, i think?
    Johnson 1987 150 Overheat/fuel Alarm
    Johnson 70 fuel problem
    Johnson Fuel lines question
    Johnson Seahorse 25hp - no fuel
    Johnson225 1992 fuel problem
    LP Fuel
    Lead free fuel on 1979 yam?
    Low fuel flow
    Maybe fuel problems?
    Mayor Fuel Starvation
    Merc 100 fuel delivery
    Merc 115--fuel or ignition?
    Merc 500 50 hp fuel line
    Merc stalls at 1500rpm"mabey bad fuel"
    Mercruiser 3.0L Average fuel consumption ?
    Mercruiser 5.0 Excessive Fuel Consumption
    Mercury 8hp fuel problem
    Need to know about outboard fuel consumption
    No Fuel in Float bowl
    No fuel after lots of work.
    OMC Fuel consumption charts ???
    Old 7.5 Merc carb/fuel problem
    Old Fuel
    Outboard Losing Fuel Pressure
    Please help with Fuel Gage
    Poor fuel economy on a 115 Evinrude
    Primer bulb to fuel line
    Proper fuel line diameter 115 Evinrude?
    Silly question merc 3.3 fuel ratio
    Strange Fuel Problem
    Suzuki 200hp fuel pressure
    Suzuki dt65cl running out of fuel.
    Troubleshooting Fuel Line
    Unburned Fuel Running Down Side Of Lower Unit
    Unleaded fuel in older motors?
    Variable resister, fuel sender unit....
    Watch for air bubbles in fuel!!!
    What octane fuel for "91" 70hp Evinrude?
    What size fuel line for 1990 90hp Force?
    Where can I find TK7 fuel treatment?
    Will bad reeds cause fuel to spray from carbs ?
    Winterizing fuel
    Yamaha 70 rough idle and fuel consumption
    Yamaha speed/fuel guage

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